2017 May News from Costa de la Luz Sur

Hi Folks,

As I write the Age Concern committee are discussing the kind offer of Chris Cody to do a gig on behalf of Age Concern when the warm weather comes.

Our next Quiz night’s at the Venta Florentina will be 22nd May and 26th June. We are very grateful to Julia & Colin for organising these quiz nights as they bring in much needed revenue.

Age Concern has a number of items which we lend out including wheelchairs and crutches; we accept gifts of this sort of items that are always in need during the summer season but this brings us a problem at the end of the season. We have nowhere to safely store these items over winter; if you have a suitable garage or similar we would love to hear from you. We have also considered buying a suitable shed or similar if we could find a secure plot of land.

Finally, ChiFRA held an open meeting recently with the theme “Death and dying”; you should find notes of the meeting elsewhere in this magazine but can I make a plea? Please check you have a Spanish will if you own any assets in Spain, and you either have good travel insurance or a funeral plan in place. The icing on the cake is if you have a Power of Attorney set up if unfortunately you are unable to sign documents etc. through illness or accident.

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