2017 November News from Costa de la Luz Sur

Hi Folks,

Well our new storage facility is coming along nicely; perhaps taking longer than we envisaged but don’t all building projects take longer (especially in Spain). We are looking forward to seeing all the wheelchairs etc. in one place; as I’ve said before, I didn’t realise that all wheelchairs weren’t the same size but were made to measure. Talking of wheelchairs, I have a young friend that has just bought the biggest, badass and coolest electric wheelchair I have ever seen; made by McLaren of F1 fame it comes apart to fit into the smallest boot of a car in seconds. The electric motors are in the wheels (quickly detachable), the battery detaches in an instant, the carbon fibre seat clips off and the aluminium frame (light as a feather) folds up. Truly a wondrous piece of engineering (even if the price tag is the same as a small car)!

We are hoping to have a get together with all of our volunteers soon; we like to “touch base” and since we have a new volunteer co-ordinator, it will be nice that they can put a face to the name. If you are reading this and would be happy to sometimes be available to help people in the community with shopping, home visits, or trips to the doctor or hospital, then we would like to hear from you. Don’t think you have to be “on call” 24X7 because you don’t; just tell us you’ve got a day (or two) free this week or next and if someone needs help, then we’ll be in contact. To volunteer is easy; just ring our helpline or email us.

We are considering having a monthly “drop-in” centre for anyone who cares to come along and would like your comments (phone or email); also we have a knowledgeable speaker if any another organisation would like a guest speaker from Age Concern.

Our Quiz night raffles will continue at the Venta Florentina; there had been some concerns as to whether the raffles would continue and we would like to thank Julia & Colin for giving us the opportunity to continue the raffles through next year.

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