January 2016 News from Costa de la Luz Sur

Firstly may I wish you a prosperous New Year and hope you had a Merry Christmas. It has been another quiet time for Age Concern; probably because many of us travel back to our home countries to see our loved ones.

I may well be calling on the services of Age Concern; I know they are continuing with the regular weekly visits etc, but on New Year’s Day I tripped and broke my arm! Yes I am typing this with a plaster cast on my right arm and very inconvenient it is too. Luckily my next door neighbours (a lovely Spanish family who have adopted me) took me to Puerta Real hospital and with my green medical card, they saw me through the various processes. Not only did they know exactly what had to be done, but which door / area I was supposed to be in. They also knew many of the nurses, so every time my name was called, there was a five minute chat about how their various relatives were.

One thing did surprise me; with a plaster cast (Spanish name =escayola) on one’s arm, you are not allowed to drive. However many friends and acquaintances have offered me help and to drive me around. I will have to call on their services eventually, if only to get food.

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