January 2017 News from Costa de la Luz Sur

Hi Folks,

Firstly some breaking news – Chris Cody has offered to do a gig for Age Concern at the Venta Florentina when the warmer weather comes – more details nearer the nice warm Spring weather.

Our Quiz night raffles at the Venta Florentina continue to bring in much needed revenues; our last raffle (in January) brought in a magnificent 100€. The Venta Florentina is temporarily closed as I write this but provisionally, our next dates for Age Concern benefit quiz nights are Monday 13th February and 13th March.

Age Concern has a number of items to lend out including wheelchairs and crutches; however, much to our chagrin, we lent a wheelchair out last month that was too small for the partner of the person that phoned us! I didn’t realise that wheelchairs come in sizes; so if you are a nice trim size zero and need a wheelchair for your plus sized partner, please do say.

If we don’t have the equipment available, then we do have a list of places that necessary items can be bought or hired; we are always interested in hearing from you if you have hired or bought equipment if only to know the service was good/bad.

We have a number of volunteer drivers and would like a few more; if you feel you would like to volunteer to help out, please ring our lifeline number so we can arrange to add you to our list of people. If you have space for storing wheelchairs and the like, then we would also like to hear from you.

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