July 2015 News from Costa de la Luz Sur

Hi Folks,
We had an interesting case this month that should be a warning to all. The people in this case have a holiday home here in Chiclana that they use a month or so at a time. Unfortunately one partner fell ill and was taken by ambulance to hospital.
The hospital treated the partner and then asked for their NIE number; having bought a house here they of course have an NIE number. The hospital then presented them with a bill for treatment and said that further treatment would be necessary and costly! This is where Age Concern got involved; the couple contacted us and were told not to sign the bill while we contacted the British Consulate.
The British Consulate were wonderfully helpful and were happy to phone and explain to the hospital why the couple should get free treatment and were also happy to phone the couple direct to put their minds at rest. The end result was a happy one with the NHS picking up the bill automatically.
So if you need emergency treatment, use your passport and E111 because if you show your NIE and sign a medical factura you are then liable to pay the bill. Another problem can be if you choose to go to a private hospital i.e. Central medico then the E111 will not cover the bill. Please remember the E111 is for emergency treatment and you should have private medical insurance for holidays.
For future reference the British consulate Málaga can be contacted at Spain.consulate@fco.gov.uk, Tel. 34952352300, Fax 34952359211. They are there to help with the needs of British citizens so please don’t hesitate in contacting them. I have just updated my phone with this information, have you now updated yours?

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